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Hot product introduction — Automatic thick sheet thermoforming machine

Semi automatic thick sheet (plate) suction machine series
Main features:
1、 Equipment by artificial feeding – double heating furnace – stay vertical – blow bubble – molding – cooling – reverse blowing off demould – pressure feeding box up – manual take finished product out.2、 This machine is mainly composed of frame, forming device, heating device, pneumatic system and electric control system structure.3、 Adopt double heating mode, is mainly composed of carbon fiber medium wave hair heat pipe, such as installation of heating pipe racks and porcelain connector parts, controlled by electric synchronization. Carbon fiber hair heat pipe and heat quick synchronization preheating, not heating power, save a lot of energy consumption.4、 Pneumatic and vacuum system mainly includes the vacuum pipeline, vacuum pump, vacuum chamber, vacuum tank and double vacuum Angle seat valve, etc.(ABS, PP, PS, PVC, EPS, HIPS, PE, HDPE, PC, PMMA, EVA, PETG, PETGAG) of thermoplastic processing. In the corresponding mold it can manufacture: inside and outside car decoration, household appliances liner, refrigerator inner liners, door plank, lighting, bags, decorative accessories, children’s slide, furniture, sanitary ware, lamps and lanterns, toys, arts and advertising signs, traffic signs, tray liner (such as: industrial pallet) and various of materials such as plastic products.
Main Technical Parameters:
Model:  HW-1525Suitable sheet’s thickness  :  2.0-12(mm)Forming Depth  :  400-600(mm)Forming Area  :  Customized by productWeight  :  5-10t


Tips on thermoforming

Tips on thermoforming



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