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Hot product introduction — Fully Automatic Computerize High Speed Thermoforming Machine Series

Full automatic computer high speed blister machine series

Graphic display
Using microcomputer touch screen man-machine interface control system, the operation is intuitive and easy to operate, convenient and easy maintenanceFrequency conversion motor control feeding, fast, accurate and steadyHeating furnace temperature control module, display the temperature degree directly, accurately detect the temperature of each piece of heatingAutomatic alarm function, truly electromechanical integration
Vibration demould.

Electric furnace adopt stainless steel, heat preservation cotton sealing structure, effectively prevent heat loss.

Main application
PET, PS anti-static electronic revolving tray, PVC cosmetics, daily necessities packaging, PP, PET food tray and other external plastic packaging products.
Technical parameter
Model :  HW-1000SForming Area :  610-1000(mm)Suitable sheet’s thickness :  0.2-2.0(mm)Forming Depth :  150(mm)
Production Speed :  200-400times/min

Power :  30kw

Weight :  1.5T

Model  :  HW-1220

Forming Area  :  710-1220(mm)

Suitable sheet’s thickness :  0.15-2.0(mm)

Forming Depth  :  150(mm)

Production Speed :  220-500次/小时

Power  :  45kw

Weight   :  3T

Model  :  HW-1350

Forming Area  :  710-1350(mm)

Suitable sheet’s thickness  :  0.15-2.0(mm)

Forming Depth   :  150(mm)

Production Speed  :  220-520次/小时

Power  :  48kw

Weight   :  3.2T


Tips on thermoforming

Tips on thermoforming



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