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Practical application performance of compound hot press forming machine

Due to the continuous improvement of processing and manufacturing technology, many new types of mechanical equipment have been gradually promoted and used. Today, in the development and design of hot press molding machines, through different classifications and model selections, they can meet the production and processing needs of different fields. Type hot press forming machine, the design of silent wheel is added to make the movement and operation of the equipment more convenient and faster. How to show the superior performance of structural design during the use of the hot press forming machine?

In the hot press forming machine equipment used today, the switch box is installed on the left side of the motor casing, the lower mold is installed on the motor casing, the bracket is installed on the motor casing, the hydraulic cylinder tube is installed on the bracket, and the motor box and the hydraulic cylinder are connected , The base is installed under the motor box, where the automatic hot press forming machine includes a housing that automatically rotates the index plate, a control unit is installed in the housing, and the position of the material box is arranged around the index plate, the cold press device The structure and the automatic discharging mechanism are evenly arranged in sequence, the material box is arranged on the indexing plate, and a cold pressing device structure and an automatic discharging mechanism are provided.

When the hot press molding machine is in use, the cold pressing device structure and the automatic discharge mechanism can be pressurized by the material box, the automatic feeding mechanism and the automatic discharge mechanism can be rotated by 270 degrees, and each rotation angle of the index plate is equal to the automatic feed Mechanism, hot-pressing device structure, cold-pressing device structure, the angle between the automatic ejection mechanism set around the index plate, can now be combined with products and objects during processing to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and Improve production capacity.


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