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The driving force for the rapid development of plastic machinery

The rapid development of the plastic processing industry is the main driving force for the rapid development of China's plastic machinery, which brings two favorable premises to the development of China's plastic machinery industry: first, it is conducive to the introduction of advanced plastic machinery technology; second, it is conducive to China's plastic machinery Exports, including foreign joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned enterprises, have brought about advancement in manufacturing technology.

my country's plastic machinery has become one of the fastest-growing industries in machinery manufacturing, and the annual demand is constantly increasing. The high-speed development of China's plastic machinery industry mainly has the following two major factors: First, the replacement of equipment caused by the demand for high-tech equipment and the elimination of obsolete equipment; second, the rapid development of the domestic plastic processing industry The demand for machinery is strong.

We must make full use of the opportunities brought by WTO entry and expand the development space of my country's plastic machinery industry. my country is the world's largest exporter of plastic machinery, but for many years exports have only accounted for 5%--10% of total sales value, which is very different from the export of plastic machinery countries such as Italy accounting for about half of its total output value.

According to my country's current production capacity and export potential of plastic machinery, increasing my country's plastic machinery exports is one of the basic outlets for my country's further development.


Tips on thermoforming

Tips on thermoforming



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