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PS flocking and cloth flocking packaging sheet introduction

The polystyrene used in packaging sheets mainly includes general-purpose polystyrene and impact-resistant polystyrene.
General-purpose polystyrene products have good transparency, good strength, dimensional stability, and electrical properties, but they are brittle and easy to crack and have poor impact resistance. Impact-resistant polystyrene is an impact-resistant polystyrene product produced by adding polybutyl rubber particles to polystyrene. The impact resistance of the material is better than that of general-purpose polystyrene, but the transparency of the material is reduced . Due to its performance characteristics, polystyrene packaging sheets are mainly used for packaging electronic products and daily chemical products. According to the actual requirements of the product, packaging sheets with special properties are prepared by compounding and modifying polystyrene sheets. The packaging diagram is as follows!
PS flocking and cloth flocking packaging sheet introduction

From simple polystyrene packaging, flocking packaging is derived, which is mainly used in stainless steel tableware and cosmetic boxes. Imported wine and red wine packaging to enhance the quality of products.

PS flocking and cloth flocking packaging sheet introduction

Recently, polystyrene has been derived from planting products. Compared with flocking, its overall effect is better, it is smooth and does not shed fluff, and can be used for food packaging. Major well-known liquor manufacturers have used  shape, and has the advantages of transparency, low cost, rigidity, insulation, and good printability. Whether it is a single sheet or flocking, flocking is definitely the best choice in the packaging industry

PS flocking and cloth flocking packaging sheet introduction

Recently, a large number of customers consulted Shanghai Yiyou Company’s blister machine to produce polystyrene planting packaging. It has been tested and succeeded many times. If necessary, you can contact the company's sales and ask for the video!



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