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What questions will customers ask before delivery of thermoforming?

During the new crown. Engineers cannot go abroad to debug blister machines. But it also requires machines to speed up. Will encounter many unsolvable problems

For example, a question from one of the customers. He is from Tunisia and the factory has a history of more than 100 years. I am honored to choose Shanghai Yiyou's fully automatic positive and negative pressure thermoforming machine in February 2021. Production of pots and lids for candies.

Here are his questions. And my answer

1.Also how to install the machine 
We don’t disassemble the machine before we pack it. (The customized machine is super high, only the servo motor is disassembled. The bottom board is fitted. Just install it according to the screw holes.) So it is complete, 1. Electricity: only You need to switch on the main power switch. 2We have reserved connections for both air and water channels.
As it won’t be easy to send someone for installation during covid 
During the new crown period, a large number of our customers through online guidance. Completed the installation
2- machine has to be delivered with the big pot mold installed 
Yes, we will leave a set of adjusted molds on the machine. Same as your choice. Is the pot with the largest diameter and height
3- is there special tools to Install and run the machine
Yes, the following machine will have a toolbox and a mold cart for installing and unloading molds
I think the best way is to arrange two days inspection 
No problem, all molds can be inspected in one day
To be able to test all molds and my guy take videos for me as I request 
You can ask him to take more videos
4- what samples you have ready now?
在检查员到来前 我们工厂会自己调试所有的模具。你会看到所有的样品
Before the inspector arrives, our factory will debug all the molds by ourselves. You will see all the samples
5. I need spare parts list offer for two years use. 
两年的 易损件包括:加热瓦。(随机我们赠送5-10个)建议可以购买20个 。空气开关,交流接触器。中间继电器. 电磁阀可以配两个,还有模台的原点接近开关配两个.机器很成熟,没有误操作。除了 电器开关,会出现问题。其他不会损坏
Two-year wearing parts include: heating tiles. (Randomly we give 5-10 pieces) It is recommended to buy 20 pieces . Air switch, AC contactor. Intermediate relay. Two solenoid valves can be equipped, and two are equipped with the origin proximity switch of the mold table. 
The machine is very mature and there is no misoperation. Except for electrical switches, problems will occur. Others will not be damaged

What questions will customers ask before delivery of thermoforming?

Below is the video of this customer product test. It succeeded once.



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