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The cover film of yogurt plastic cup is easy to tear or not easy to tear. What are the characteristics of the easy tear film?

Plastic cup packaging is now a main packaging form of yogurt packaging, and the plastic cup and the cover film are inseparable.
Specific reasons for delamination when the cover film is torn:
1. The composite strength of the cover film itself does not meet the requirements;
2. The selected cover film is not compatible with the production process, and the ordinary cover film is used as a high temperature resistant cover film for secondary sterilization, resulting in delamination;
3. The cover film has two types: easy-to-tear type and firm type. If a firm cover material is used and a strong force is used to tear it open, it will inevitably cause the PET and CPP to separate;

4. Polyurethane glue is used for the cover film. If the pH of the filling content is too high, or other corrosive substances will penetrate the CPP to corrode the glue layer and cause delamination.

Reasons why the cover film is not easy to tear or tear when it is torn:
1. There are two types of cover film: easy to tear and firm type. Customers should choose the corresponding cover film according to the product market positioning and the material of the plastic cup when using it;
2. The use of the easy-to-tear cover film has its characteristics. If the sealing temperature is too high and the pressure is too high, the easy-to-tear type will become a firm type. It is particularly important to strictly control the use conditions.

People have been exploring the development of packaging products that facilitate people's lives. As early as the 90s, in order to reduce the harm of plastic packaging to children and improve the convenience of packaging, easy-to-tear films appeared. So, do you know what easy-to-tear films are? In addition to the easy-tear function, what are the characteristics of the easy-tear film?
1. What is easy tear film?
"Easy to tear" and "easy to open" are often confused on packaging films. In fact, the so-called easy to tear means that a piece of paper can be torn from the middle, and the slit is straight. The easy-to-peel film is uncovered from the surface along the thermal cover of the two films. It can be imagined that the two films are heat-sealed together through a process. The easy-to-tear packaging commonly used in the market is the easy-to-peel film. The full name of the easy-to-peel film is thermoformed stretch easy-to-tear film. We are familiar with this kind of packaging.

Easy-to-tear film packaging originated in Europe in the 1990s. The reason is to reduce the harm to children and the problem of plastic packaging that is difficult to open. It advocates the promotion of child-friendly and harmless product packaging. Later, easy-to-tear film is not only used for children Packaging, but also extends to medical products, food packaging, pet packaging, etc. Compared with the traditional ordinary plastic packaging, the easy-tear film has outstanding advantages in opening performance.
The eleven-layer cast co-extruded film is made of eleven layers of material, and the outer layer of PE or PP contains a layer of material. After heat-sealing with another film, the heat sealing force is not very large, and it is easy to tear. The position of the two films can be easily uncovered to achieve the effect of easy opening of the package.

2. What are the characteristics of easy tear film?
1. Easy to seal and open
Ordinary plastics are easy to seal at the seal, and require a lot of effort when peeling and opening, and it is easy to spill objects or liquids in the package, resulting in unnecessary waste. However, children who are much less powerful than adults can hardly open some packages by themselves, need parental help, and are inconvenient to use.

The easy-tear film has a low tear strength, and it is easy to tear in both vertical and horizontal directions after making the bag. After using the easy-tear film, consumers can open the package more easily without affecting the sealability of the package. During the opening and peeling process, the force is stable and smooth, and the opening is easier. No objects or liquids will spill out Consumers have better performance, and the materials are more suitable for children's packaging. When children open the packaging, they can provide better protection for children.
The cover film of yogurt plastic cup is easy to tear or not easy to tear. What are the characteristics of the easy tear film?


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