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How to distinguish whether the blister packaging tray is antistatic

How to distinguish whether the blister tray is conductive, semi-conductive or anti-static
The first type, anti-static blister tray: This one is the most common, the anti-static index is 9~11 powers, under normal circumstances, it can be used for 3-6 months of anti-static effect, but the anti-static value is easily affected by the environment and air. , The influence of moisture, shorten the service life of anti-static, the unit price is lower than that of conductive and semi-conductive materials, it is recommended to use for customers who do not require high anti-static index and do not have a long service life. According to their properties, anti-static blister trays can be divided into anti-static, semi-conductive and conductive, and are widely used in the packaging industry of electronic components. In terms of materials, anti-static sheets can be divided into four categories: ps, pp, pvc, and pet. According to the processing method, it is divided into internal coating and external coating. The conventional antistatic sheet PS and PP belong to internal coating, while pvc and pet belong to external coating. The common color of pvc and pet is transparent. The surface of the material is coated with anti-static liquid to achieve the anti-static effect of the product.
The second type, semi-conductive blister tray: 6-9th power of anti-static index, normal use for about half a year to 1 year. The anti-static index is not affected by the environment, air, and humidity.

The third type, conductive blister tray: also known as permanent anti-static, anti-static index of 3~6 power, under normal conditions for about 1 to 3 years, the anti-static value is not affected by the environment, air, temperature and humidity Impact. 80% of the current industry cannot achieve this effect

The benefits of using blister trays

The advantages of using blister products are: stability, protection, beautification and non-corruption. Advantages of using tray packaging. Anti-static blister tray, this kind of packaging is also a kind of more used in the tray, the purpose of use is to block the electrostatic contact and the protection of electricity when the goods are in stock. Packed items can be beautified. Blister tray products can not only load items but also beautify items. The unique appearance of items is the characteristic of packaging.
The advantages of the use of blister trays, this kind of packaging is widely used in the industry and the market is also a large-scale product. Another advantage of packaging is that it can add speciality. General packaging will only make consumers feel boring. Innovative packaging is the enhancement point of the item's charm. It is best to use the special selection of items in the creative way of tray tray products.
The following is a video of Shanghai Yiyou thermoforming machine producing anti-static trays

How to distinguish whether the blister packaging tray is antistatic



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