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Application of flocking sheet in thermoforming packaging


    Electrostatic flocking puts the fuzz with a certain conductivity into a high-voltage electric field with a certain electric field strength. It acts as a charged carrier and moves along the potential difference. The material of the coating adhesive acts as a ground potential, and the fluff penetrates vertically into the surface of the adhesive coating to form a printed product with a layer of fluff. Electrostatic flocking is a process designed based on the principle that two objects with different charges repel each other and attract each other in an electric field. The high-voltage electrostatic field generated by the electrostatic generator has one end connected to the fluffed metal net, and one end connected to the flocking grey cloth coated with adhesive on the ground pole. The fluff on the metal mesh is negatively charged. Because it is attracted by the positively charged ground electrode, it will be vertically accelerated and planted on the adhesive-coated grey cloth. If the fluff is not planted, it will be positively charged due to the influence of the electric field. That will be attracted back to the metal net. The fluff will keep beating in the electrostatic field until the grey cloth is evenly flocked with fluff.

     Flocking thermoforming is a kind of blister tray using special materials. A layer of flocking material is glued to the surface of ordinary plastic hard sheets, so that the surface of the tray has a flocking feel, which is used to improve the quality of packaging.


Strong three-dimensional feeling, bright colors, soft touch, luxurious and noble, gorgeous and warm, lifelike image, non-toxic and tasteless, heat preservation and moisture-proof, no lint, friction resistance, smooth and no gaps.

Benefits of flocking packaging:

   Flocking blister packaging is a relatively seldom used and produced product in blister products. In the packaging industry, because there are not many items packaged in flocking blister packaging, it is generally used as a base, such as flocking blister packaging. It is a kind of relatively high-end item packaging from the sensory point of view. The appearance is beautiful and generous. It is usually packaged for some high-end items, such as chocolates, health products, cosmetics, gifts, jewelry, glasses cases, watch boxes, alcoholic products, etc. Such blister packaging, the main material of this kind of blister product is PS material, and then flocking is to paste a thin layer of young hair on the surface of the material to form flocking blister products, flocking blister products The appearance is beautiful, the hand feels soft, and the colors are diverse. Suitable colors can be selected according to the image of the item. At the same time, it is necessary to make the product more attractive and make consumers more likely to have a good impression. The unique aspect highlights the advantages, flocking blister packaging products are a kind of valuable packaging products in use.

The following video is a ps flocking sheet produced by a customer in Egypt for tableware



Tips on thermoforming

Tips on thermoforming



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