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Anti-static and fold-resistant reinforced electronic product blister packaging

          In addition to the static electricity in the production process, today we will share a blister packaging for electronic products with enhanced anti-static and folding resistance

          Under normal circumstances, electronic products are packaged with a blister pallet, then covered with plastic film, and finally packaged in a paper box or plastic box. The advantage of using blister pallets is that it is convenient to prevent electronic products from directly contacting the conveyor belt or roller conveyor on the packaging line. The bottom surface of the blister pallet is flat. Because the conveyor belt will inevitably generate a small amount of static electricity, the blister tray will attract the table when it reaches the sorting table, and it is not easy for workers to pick up the blister pallet.

This product is characterized in that it includes a blister pallet. The front and rear ends of the blister pallet are vertically upwardly provided with flanges. Short semi-circular grooves, the cross-sections of the semi-circular grooves are all semi-circular, and conductive ink nets are printed on the top and bottom surfaces of the pallet.
           Since the blister pallet is formed with a semi-circular groove body, it has a strong resistance to bending; the conductive ink net will disperse the charge flow, and when the worker’s hand touches the conductive ink net, the charge can be transferred to the hand to prevent static electricity Long-term gathering.
      Anti-static and fold-resistant reinforced electronic product blister packaging


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