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Thermoforming process

The thermoforming process has a wide range of applications, mainly in the production of packaging, lampshade production, acrylic light boxes, industrial plastic shells and plastic parts. The company's current business scope only involves the packaging industry and the field of blister products with a thickness of less than 1.5mm and an area of less than 660X1100mm.

Blister packaging products are divided into two major categories in terms of function: one category is a transparent series for the purpose of displaying, protecting and beautifying products. The packaged products are mostly small commodities, which are placed or hung on the shelves of supermarkets. Many materials are used. For PET and PVC with better transparency, the products include: face mask, card blister, blister card, heat-sealed double blister, double blister and transparent folding box; the other type is protection, separation, shockproof, The series of trays and blister boxes for the purpose of foil packaging are mostly electronics, IT, industrial parts and cosmetics. The materials used are mostly PS (color, antistatic and flocking, etc.). Products include: trays, inner trays, Blister box, flocking blister, antistatic blister, conductive blister tray, turnover tray, etc. In recent years, the combination of these two types of blister packaging products has produced new packaging types: bottom cover and sandwich packaging. The "surface" of the bottom cover is made of PET material with better transparency, and the "bottom" is made of PS material. It not only plays the protective function of the container, but also plays the intuitive effect of display.


Tips on thermoforming

Tips on thermoforming



HW-750 PLA degradable cup lid bowl machine (YASKAWA Yaskawa s

HW-1300 HDPE plastic turnover tray thick film blister machine

HW-1000 small layout automatic PP lunch box vacuum thermoform

HW-1220 new Siemens PLC computer controlled automatic vacuum

HW-520 automatic positive and negative pressure thermoforming

HW-850 Automatic Positive and Negative Pressure Four-Station

HW-850 Automatic Positive and Negative Pressure Three-Station

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