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New type of strawberry packaging. Longer shelf life

The rapid development of the strawberry industry in recent years has given birth to the birth of various strawberry packaging. Today, I will take stock of the main packaging methods on the market.

Blister packaging has evolved from other fresh packaging.
New type of strawberry packaging. Longer shelf life
Note: When the fruit is large, there is a certain inclination to prevent squeezing, and the standard is not to shake.

Advantages: The order of the fruit is not too high, and the fruit can be large or small; the unit weight is small, and it can be sold separately or packaged into a gift box; the cost is low.

Disadvantages: The fruit is fragile and not suitable for long-distance transportation.
The sponge is punched, the strawberries are placed in each cavity to be fixed, and the sponge pads are placed on top and bottom to absorb shock.

Note: When packing, put the strawberry head up and bottom down and put it in the sponge to fix it.

Advantages: The shockproof effect is increased sharply, and it can be shipped for long distances; the combination of freedom is high, and the packaging box design can be diversified.

Disadvantages: The order of the fruit is slightly higher, and the sponge level is uneven, so you need to pay attention to the risks of sanitary testing.
The new type of packaging now contains opu thermoformed trays, which can secure and insure blueberries and strawberries. The outside is equipped with a clamshell blister box. Beautiful!
This is the best way to pack fruits


Tips on thermoforming

Tips on thermoforming



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