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Common modification methods and applications of PE materials

PE modification introduction

PE is a polymer made from ethylene monomer polymerization. PE has excellent mechanical processing properties, but its surface is inert and non-polar, resulting in printability, dyeability, hydrophilicity, adhesion, antistatic properties and compatibility with other polar polymers and inorganic fillers It is poor, and its wear resistance, chemical resistance, environmental stress cracking resistance and heat resistance are not good, which limits its application range. Improve its performance through modification and expand its application fields.

The grafting reaction implementation methods mainly include solution method, melting method, solid phase method and radiation grafting method.

1. Solution method Use toluene, xylene, chlorobenzene, etc. as the reaction medium in the liquid phase. PE, monomer, and initiator are all dissolved in the reaction medium, and the system is homogeneous. The polarity of the medium and the chain transfer constant to the monomer have a great influence on the grafting reaction.

2. Solid phase method The PE powder is directly contacted and reacted with monomers, initiators, surfactants, etc. Compared with the traditional implementation method, the solid-phase method has the advantages of suitable reaction temperature, normal pressure, basically maintaining the inherent physical properties of the polymer, no need to recover the solvent, simple post-processing, high efficiency and energy saving.

3. In the melting method, in the molten state, the initiator thermally decomposes to generate free radicals, thereby initiating the macromolecular chain to generate free radicals, and the free radical copolymerization reaction occurs in the presence of the grafted monomer, and then the polymer macromolecular chain is connected Branch side chain.
Downstream applications of modified PE materials

▶ Used for pe modified plastic blown film: used for PP, PE transparent film, milky white film, color film filler

▶ pe modified plastic injection molding: used for PP, PE high-grade transparent injection molding, household appliances, electronic products, bathroom and swimming pool floors, sports equipment, tableware, hand tools, toys, stationery, shoe materials, daily products, medical equipment, etc. Filling materials for products of various colors

▶ For blow molding of pe modified plastics: filling material for hollow blow bottles of various daily containers

▶ Used for pe modified plastic extrusion molding: Extrusion of various roll film inner tubes, PP black tubes, other plastic water pipes, wires and cables, building materials, etc.

▶ Filling material for pe modified plastic woven bag drawing forming

▶ Filling material for pe modified plastic recycled pellets


Tips on thermoforming

Tips on thermoforming



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