Auxiliary machine for cup lid bowl forming machine

  • Automatic cup sorting machine

    Automatic cup sorting machineModel 型号 Suitable cup 适用杯子 Diametre 直径 Dimension 机器尺寸 HW-09 Round cup 圆形杯子 Height > inside diameter 高度 内直径 65-75mm 3900*1200*1000 HW-10 75-85mm 3900*1200*1000 HW-11 85-95mm 3900*1200*1000 Note: Can be customized 备注:可定制

  • Fully automatic robot + conveyor belt

    Fully automatic robot + conveyor beltPart Name Brand Original Control System Huacheng Shenzhen, China Servo Motor Panasonic, HCFA Japan Servo Drive Panasonic, HCFA Japan Reducer Xinbao Japan Solenoid Valve MINDMAN Taiwan (Germany Coil) Vacuum Generator CONVUM Japan Power Switch LIGHT COUNTRY Taiwan Power Supply MEAN WELL Taiwan Proximity Switches Yangming Taiwan Mag

  • Crimping machine

    Crimping machineNo. Appliance name Product name 1 Power switch button ABB 2 Screw 铜Copper 3 AC contactor ABB 4 Thermal relay ABB 5 Solid state relay Yangming 6 Temperature table Yatai 7 Touch screen Xinjie 8 Breaker ABB 9 Main motor Domestic 10 Relay ABB 11 PLC Xinjie 12 Pneumatic components Zhejiang 13 Small motor Zhejiang

  • Cup packaging machine

    Cup packaging machineSpecification: Automatic cup counting machine Parameters Power 0.4kw Suitable cup height 60-160mm Suitable cup diameter 70-120mm Counting speed 15-35row/min Cup diameter Φ70-φ120,Cup spacing>3mm Package:Counting speed: 100 piece/row≤25 rows/min 50 piece/row≤30 rows/min 25 piece/row≤35 rows/min Configuration List:

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HW-750 PLA degradable cup lid bowl machine (YASKAWA Yaskawa s

HW-1300 HDPE plastic turnover tray thick film blister machine

HW-1000 small layout automatic PP lunch box vacuum thermoform

HW-1220 new Siemens PLC computer controlled automatic vacuum

HW-520 automatic positive and negative pressure thermoforming

HW-850 Automatic Positive and Negative Pressure Four-Station

HW-850 Automatic Positive and Negative Pressure Three-Station

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